Quill City Mall Led An Expert Forum To Discuss The New “Phygital” Retail Future

In the last few years, the internet has played a significant role in disseminating information in some parts of the world. However, the use of internet nowadays is so rife that it has become the number 1 source of not just information, but also communication, gaming, social networking, and many more.

One of the greatest and most popular features that particularly provides is online shopping. Yesterday, 10th of Dec, I’m very pleased and honored to get invited to attend an expert forum about “Future Proof Your BusinessNew Retail Innovations and Interventions held at Quill City Convention Center by six retail industry players that explored the future of retail impacted by the “phygital” era. The expert forum moderated by Jonathan Case assembled a panel that consisted of Anwar Jumabhoy (Industry Expert), Kent Lee (Founder of Smuzcity), Redza Shahid (Founder of Grubcycle) and Chong Chia Chou (CEO of PUC Berhad).


From the left: Jonathan Case, Chong Chia Chou (CEO of PUC Berhad), Anwar Jumabhoy (Industry Expert), Redza Shahid (Founder of Grubcycle) and Kent Lee (Founder of Smuzcity).

Quill City Mall, formerly known as Vision City, is taking a new turn in year 2020 with a brand new retail strategy, making their mall all about creating meaningful shopping platform for stakeholders including local entrepreneurs.

According to Koong Wai Seng, Group CEO of Quill Group of Companies, they have to challenge retailers that had or hadn’t been focused on pushing their products online to reimagine the essential role physical experience pay in the building strong and memorable relationship with their customers.

With the rise of technology, more and more retail sales have shifted online. The joy of being able to see, touch and feel the product before making purchase still remains but the way of shopping certainly did. The ever-evolving consumers’ expectations require retailers to constantly adapt to meet their needs for comfort, convenience, and entertainment.

“It is about designing a shopping platform – a journey within physical space, with consumer-centric tech infrastructure that facilitates the interactions between consumers and brand throughout the shopping experience”, said Koong.

Besides that, Koong also said that their decision in building phygital” features into the mall comes from their earnest purpose to become a tool to empower small and medium-sized retailers and home-grown entrepreneurs. With technology-fueled infrastructures, and “phygital” tools, international and local businesses are encouraged to expand the reach of their audience and improve their bottom line. Koong strongly believed that lifting everyone in the industry as you grow is a part of leading into the future.

With the new opening of JDX Presto on the coming 12th Dec 2019, Quill has also announced new tenants that are already onboard to building their very first “phygital” concept stores in Malaysia which including E-Sports Center, and Uni KL. Quill invites every one of us to await for more exciting updates as they ease into more “phygital” era in the next 12 months.

Last but not least, the six industry experts also confirmed that the future of retail needs to promote intimate social relationships between brands, both international and local, with consumer by building a physical space that is customer experience-centric.

Chong Chia Chou (CEO of PUC Berhad)

Anwar Jumabhoy (Industry Expert)

Redza Shahid (Founder of Grubcycle)

Kent Lee (Founder of Smuzcity)

For more information, please check out QuillCity Mall Page and Quill Group of Companies. 


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