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Aik Cheong | The Official Launching of “Black-Drip & Dip” Series with SIX NEW Variants of Drip Bag Coffee & Cold Brew Cofee

Aik Cheong Coffee, one of the famous coffee brand in Malaysia was founded in the year of 1955 in old Melaka town – even before Malaysia’s independence!!!! That gives them 65 years of experience not only in coffee industry, but as well as beverages industry.

Rasa Viet | Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine @ The Sphere, Bangsar South

  How many of you are a fan of Vietnamese cuisine?? (Besides Thai food, Indonesia food and more) if you are not a fan yet, soon you gonna be after reading this post. Today, I’m going to introduce all of you one of the most authentic Vietnamese cuisine in town –  Rasa Viet.  Located just 10km south west of KLCC in a sphere shopping mall complex and lifestyle hub,  Rasa Viet  is one of the restaurant that you are not gonna miss when you looking for a restaurant to dine in. Unique Decoration, Authentic Food & Muslim Friendly Upon arrival at the Rasa Viet restaurant, it reminds me of the restaurants that I dine in Vietnam few years back – bright yellow walls, blue French wooden doors and windows, red lanterns and of course iconic straw hat.  The interior was cozy and classic, with different shapes and types of lanterns hanging giving a warm ambiance for the whole restaurant.  First up – Vietnamese Traditional Dripped Coffee with Milk – exactly like what I used to have back there wh