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ADAM Series Axtension | New Healthcare Product In Malaysia

Generally, many people will try to take care and solve their problems with “Is It Normal?”, “Are They Safe To Consume?”, and “I Don’t Know What To Do, Who To Approach For Help!”. According to research, men are more likely to delay in taking their own health and put off important health check-ups. When it comes to prevention and early detection, men’s health often takes a back seat to women’s health. To resolve these question, VARF Healthcare Sdn Bhd has been established by a group of ambitious people who wants to solve all these paint-points that many people face. With the aim of solving the issues that facing by all mankind, VARF Healthcare Sdn Bhd has come out with two different series of products to target different problems of different gender: ADAM Series & EVE Series. Let VARF Connects People To Better Life According to the creation of myth of the Abrahamic religions, Adam and Eve were the first man and woman in the universe. With VARF’s vision and mission to help people to

Hua Yi Yuan Chinese Restaurant | Competitive And Delicious Chinese Cuisine @ Le Quadri Hotel, Cheras

Whenever I ask my friends to go café hoping in Cheras, my friends will tell me “don’t want, very far”, “lazy to drive” and many more. For me, I used to work in Kajang and Cheras and I know there are a lot of delicious food to hunt. So if you ask me to travel to Cheras or Kajang for food hunting, I’m very willing to.  Located on the 2 nd floor of Le Quadri Hotel, Hua Yi Yuan Restaurant is a Halal Chinese restaurant that serves competitive and delicious classic Chinese dishes. It is a best place for you to host for business meetings, small gathering or any occasions. Trust me, although they are serving Halal food here, but the flavor of the dishes are still very authentic and appetizing. Hua Yi Yuan Seafood Value Set Hua Yi Yuan Seafood value set is delicious and competitive. The value set consist of: Soup of The Day: classic Chinese soup with the combination of seaweed flavor and the egg drop soup – reminds me of childhood comfort soup. Steamed Seabass Fillet with Superior Soya Sauce