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Open Up, It’s Guinness Time!!!!!

Have you ever realized that we spend more time with our colleagues than our family members? Five to six days a week, eight hours and more a day – and yet, most of us (including myself) don’t know all of them as well as we’d. in a recent commissioned by Guinness, Malaysia’s favourite stout, more than 85% of young working adults said they would like to get to know their colleagues and friends better – and Guinness has the solution with the launch of “Guinness Time” . So it is time to get know of your colleagues and friend better over a pint after work!!!! Guinness Time aimed to encourage drinkers to go out not only with their friends, but with colleagues as well after work and turn their workmates into their #workfam in conjunction with a series of promotion and activations taking place from the month of September until November. Throughout the month of September, there was special deal on Guinness Draught – buy one set and get another Guinness free in all the bars and pubs across t