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Top 12 MUST EAT @ Sango Japanese Restaurant, Crystal Crown Hotel PJ

If you’re looking for authentic Japanese food at PJ, look no further than Sango. Sango was located on the 2 nd floor of the Crystal Crown Hotel, a 22 years old hidden gem since 1995.

Pisco Bar @ Jalan Mesui, KL

The 1 st thing that hit my mind when talk about Changkat, Bukit Bintang was bars and clubs. Recently, I uncovered a new chill out place where this bar seems to be the busiest and packed with party animals, travelers, tourist, expatriates, as well as locals. Thanks to  Foodilifecious ,  I have a chance to sample their well-knowns Tapas and Peruvian food.

Grill Party Buffet @ Carousel Palace of the Golden Horses, KL

When comes to buffet, I guess the best part of it would be “ eat till you drop” or “eat all you can” !! If you’re one of the buffet fans or enjoy eating buffet as much as I do, then you wouldn’t want to miss this!!!!