Tiger Launches World’s First Fully-Immersive Street Food Virtual Festival – From The Streets Onto Your Screens


Tiger Beer, Malaysia’s No1 Beer, has long been the beer choice to enjoy with street food, especially the bold flavor of street food dishes. The association doesn’t end there: Tiger is famous for regular hosting large-scale street food festivals, complete with games and activities, live performance, and of course – a great selection of street food to savor alongside ice-cold Tiger Beer.

As for this year 2020, it is quite difficult; or we can say it is impossible to hold an event, Tiger is taking the street food festival experience to the next level – from street onto your screens.

Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival Happening This Whole November

The Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival is the world’s first fully-immersive, 3D online street food festival experience. Imagine playing Virtual Reality game where you can customize your own avatar, interact with other players, order your favorite street food and more! This even will be happening every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6th to 29th November 2020.

Register For Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival For Free

First of all, you will need to key in all the necessary information. Then, you will get to customize your very own avatar by selecting different types of headpieces, tops, bottoms, shoes and your personalized creative name. Once you are done with all the customization and good to go, you will be rewarded with a can of Tiger Crystal which redeemable when you purchase from a vendor at the festival. 

Games, Activities & Happy Hour

After completing the registration, you will be transported to Street Food Central. At the Street Food Central, you can interact with other festival-goers, play games to win rewards, get recommendations on must-try dishes, and find exclusive Happy Hour promotions from Drinkies – Heineken Malaysia Berhad’s (Heineken Malaysia) at-home beer delivery service.

The Tiger Crystal Mountain Climber Challenge with Harvinth Skin: 

This is a game that will test your flexes with an adrenaline-pimping mountain climb. The first 88 participants to score 300 points each day will win RM 5 promo code. Three players with the highest score at the end of November will win 24-can of Tiger Crystal each.

The Tiger Beer Hunt:

This is a game where you need to find all the hidden bottles of Tiger Beer before timer runs out. The first 100 participants to score 300 each day will win RM 5 promo code. 

Happy Hour Promotions:

Exclusive Happy Hour promotions are available from 3pm – 5pm at Drinkies – an at-home beer delivery service by Heineken Malaysia Berhad. You will get RM 30 off discount when you purchase over RM 150 worth of Tiger Beer or Tiger Crystal.

Live Performance From NameWee

The Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival will kick off in style at 7pm on Friday, 6th November, with a special live performance by well-known local artist – NameWee all the way from Taiwan. The opening show can only be viewed in the festival and I don’t think all of us are going to miss this show!!!!!!

Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival Menu

The Street Food Central is made up of three parts including Kuala Lumpur, Street, Selangor Street and Penang Street. Each of the streets is filled different vendors – 88 vendors in total every week from all these three locations, serving menus created exclusively just for the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival. When you explore the vendors, you will discover that every vendors offer a food-and-beer combo set to make your experience extra easy and convenient. Besides that, each combo meal will also come with a complimentary set of Tiger Street Food chopsticks (2 different designs). Be sure you collect them all!!!!!

*P.S. – as long as you location is within a 15km radius of the vendor, you will be able to place an order*

Beer Wings

Buttermilk Meatballs with Pork Lard Rice


Siew Yuk


Uncover The Extraordinary

The Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival is FREE to attend by anyone. You don’t need to download anything to join the fun, the entire festival experience runs with the browser on your smartphones or laptop. Please note that the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival is strictly for non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.

To sign up for the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival, you need to:-

1: Register yourself by signing up at Click Here

2: First 10,000 sign-ups will receive a free can of 320ml Tiger Crystal to be redeemed together with any purchase from the vendors at the festival.

3: First 1,000 participants to refer 5 friend using their unique referral code will receive a FREE pack of Tiger Crystal (6 cans).

4: Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival is open to public on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout November 2020 from 11am – 9pm.

For more information or to register for Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival, check out:

Website: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

Instagram: Click Here


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