Aik Cheong | The Official Launching of “Black-Drip & Dip” Series with SIX NEW Variants of Drip Bag Coffee & Cold Brew Cofee

Aik Cheong Coffee, one of the famous coffee brand in Malaysia was founded in the year of 1955 in old Melaka town – even before Malaysia’s independence!!!! That gives them 65 years of experience not only in coffee industry, but as well as beverages industry.

As we all know, Aik Cheong Coffee brand normally famous with their instant beverage products ranges from Black Coffee (Kopi-O), White Coffee, Milk Tea, Chocolate Malt Drink, Cereal Drink and etc. This year, Aik Cheong Coffee has come out their newly developed “BLACK” series range of products, which consist of 4 new variants of Drip coffee and 2 new variants of Dip coffee. Most of the black coffee lovers like me likes to enjoy the natural taste of the black coffee. With the concept of “BLACK TO BASIC” together with the tag line of “Me Moment Now”, this new range of products are meant to give their customers the most natural taste of Black Coffee and a new way to enjoy a cup of brew coffee in their most comfort intimate zone.

New Era with New Collaboration

With the recent launched of new product range, Aik Cheong Coffee is honored to have Mr Tan Boon Heong, the renowned national badminton player & world record holder for the fastest smash as their brand ambassador. Besides being an ambassador for Aik Cheong Coffee, Mr Tan Boon Heong will also be venturing for the first time into the showbiz industry by featuring in a short film long with the famous local artist, Ah Boy Danny Khoo aka The Nation’s Boyfriend to perform Aik Cheong Coffee’s New Year Theme Song for year 2021. Guessed everyone will be excited and anticipating their upcoming collaboration!!!

The “BLACK TO BASIC” Trend with The Black-Drip & Dip Series From Aik Cheong Coffee Premium Selection of Drip Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee

Aik Cheong Coffee is one of the oldest and famous brand in Malaysia. In order to provide high quality gourmet beans, power and related blends to their consumers worldwide, Aik Cheong Coffee has putting a lot of efforts in both producing superior quality and exceptional level of products. With the secret recipe that has been used along the years, their products has gained more popularity not only in local market, but worldwide including their best-selling Black Coffee, White Coffee, Milk Tea, Hot Chocolate and etc. So, share with me, what is your favorite product from Aik Cheong Coffee??

“Enjoying the great taste of coffee at home” is always the concept that Aik Cheong Coffee has with them. Last year June 2019, Aik Cheong Coffee has successfully rolled out another innovative product, the new trend of “Hot Cup” instant beverage which is called “IT’S more than just”. This new product might be strange and you might also thinking that what so special about this product. Well, let me share with you, this new product has sold more than 1 million cups in less than 1 year!!!! YES, Is 1 MILLION cups.

Subsequently, with 65 years of coffee-making experience and adnaveced technology, Aik Cheong Coffee will be launching the new “BLACK” [Back to Basic] concept style of Drip & Dip coffee series. As mentioned earlier, the new tag line, “Me Moment Now” is meant to give their consumers to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in their most comfort intimate zone. By having a comfort intimate zone to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, “Back to Basic” concept is to give all consumers the idea of how a pure cup of “Black” coffee is created.

SIX (6) Brand New Variant for You to Choose

The Drip & Dip coffee series will have SIX (6) brand new variants which consist of Ethiopia Yirgracheffe, Colombia Medellin, Guatemala Huehuetenango, Nicaragua Jinotega, Cold Brew Ethiopia Yirgracheffe and Milk Brew Colombia & Brazil Santos. Let me briefly introduce you the coffee: 

i)                    Ethiopia Yirgracheffe – spicy, fruity and fragrant, known for its sweet flavor and aroma with a light to medium body.

ii)                   Colombia Medellin – smooth with a bright fresh, full-bodied flavor that never disappoints.

iii)                 Guatemala Huehuetenango – subtle and mild yet still complex and interesting, known for distinctive and delicate fruity taste, a fairly light body that can sometimes be slightly buttery a sweet floral aroma and a clean aftertaste.

iv)                 Nicaragua Jinotega – medium to smooth body and a distinct but mild acidity, it provides rich yet subtle flavors, balanced sweetness with a nutty bouquet that often exhibits notes of vanilla.

v)                    Cold Brew Ethiopia Yirgracheffe – different process of preparing coffee, which produce a super smooth, less acidic and highly caffeinated coffee.

vi)                 Milk Brew Colombia & Brazil Santos – light and flowery taste with low acidity and nutty sweet flavor.

Where to Buy
For those who would like to buy and try out their new The Drip & Dip coffee, you can visit:
i)        Lazada
ii)    Shopee
iii)      Aik Cheong Coffee’s Official Social Media Platforms:
f.        Black SeriesInstagram

The Journey of Renown National Shuttler, Tan Boon Heong, As The Brand Ambassador, In The short film Filming and 2021 Aik Cheong Coffee’s Chinese New Year Theme Song Project Has Officially Begun

Recently, Aik Cheong Coffee has just announced in their press conference that they will be collaborating with the new brand ambassador, Mr Tan Boon Heong in producing a short film and he will be the male lead in the film. The primary objective of this film is to promote positive message of never giving up and keep fighting spirit. This short film is estimated to be released in December of this year and will be handled by Oiah Production Team with VITAMEDIA, the collaboration of promotion partner. 

Apart from that, the multi-talented young local artist as well as renown Youtuber, Ah Boy Danny Khoo will be joining with Mr Tan Boon Heong, Aik Cheong Coffee’s new ambassador for Aik Cheong Coffee’s 2021 Chinese New Year Theme Song!!!!

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