Kontiki Restaurant | Selera Kampung Tiki Delivery Service @ The Federal Kuala Lumpur

Generally, there are lots of buffet offering traditional Malay food in hotels & restaurants around us during holy month of Ramadhan (puasa month). However, due to the pandemic happening not only in our country, but also worldwide, a lot of businesses started to switch from traditional dine-in to delivery services.

Order Your Favorite Dish From Your Home

Delivery service?? I’m sure many of us will worry that the taste of the food will changed if we order delivery, including me.

With the evolution of technology, we can now order or purchase anything from anywhere and anytime you want. Recently, I had the delightful opportunity to try out the Ramadhan delivery menu and feast upon Set 3 namely Chef Fitri Bukhari Rice With Lamb Leg Meat And Curry Vegetables.

To be honest, this set 3 by Chef Fitri was really delicious and I really enjoy to the max especially their signature lamb leg meat. Besides that, every sets will come with kurma, dessert and juices.

There are total of 8 sets of different menu for you to choose. All you have to do is order from FAVE App!!!

If you wish to know more about their menu and info, please Click Here. All the sets priced from RM 68 nett (Half set, 2 – 3 persons) and RM 118 nett (Full set, 4 – 6 persons)


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