Kontiki Restaurant | Citarasa Malaysia Buffet Dinner @ Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The month of Ramadan is the biggest festival of Muslims and also the month whereby friends and families come together to share meal; and breaking fast together. During this month, you can found that a lot of hotels and restaurants offer wide variety and plenty of delicious food.

Favourite Dish From The Tunku’s Kitchen Cookbook

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Federal Hotel has been around since 1957 and also a favorite place for buffet lovers around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

This year, Kontiki Restaurant offers more than 100 traditional dishes for buffet lovers – from starter such as salad, lemang, serunding (meat floss) to main dish such as satay, noodles, fried seafood to delightful dessert such as cakes, ice-cream, Nyonya kuih and more.

You not only can get such wide selections of food, but also the highlight of the night – Favorite Dish From The Tunku’s Kitchen Cookbook. The Tunku refers to Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, first Prime Minister of Malaysia. Of course, you couldn’t get all the dishes from Tunku’s Kitchen Cookbook were served. However, those dishes that served here are Ikan Goreng Serai, Daging Kicap and Kacang Pis, Sambal Udang Petai, Daging Pedas, Itik Goleh, Ketam Masak Sos Tomato, Ayam Masak Kuning, Udang Goreng Manis and Opor Ayam. 

If you are looking for a great buffet place at Kuala Lumpur, Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur is certainly a good place to consider. For more information about Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur, check out their Facebook Page or Website. You can also email to them at [email protected]


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