Sneapy Gifts | 4-In-One Talking Gift Card

April 22, 2019 Foodfootage 0 Comments

During the old days, we used to send greeting and note cards to loves one or friends and family on special occasions as well as festive seasons. We only can send text message to the receiver and sometimes we do search for greeting and note cards with music as well – basically my era (now everyone know my age). With the blooming era of tech-savvy, now you not only can send text message to your loves one or friends and family, but as well as Video, Voice, and Image messages – 4-in-one!!!!!

As Easy As 123!!!!!
Recently, I came across this special and amazing gift card from Sneapy Shop

 that I would like to recommend to all of you – Talking Gift Card.

Why it is so easy and special compared to ordinary greeting and note cards?? Let me bring you guys through how to do 4-In-One messages - Video, Voice, Text and Image

Step 1 – Scan: Scan the QR Code on the gift card

Step 2 – Record: Record and upload you message

Step 3 – Password: Setup password and hint to secure your message

Step 4 – Activate: Double check and activate. Receiver scan to read the message

Here’s the short video on “How To Use Video Gift Card”. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

For more information and to buy Talking Gift Card, log on to Sneapy Shop