Anson Kopi & Patisserie | Comfortable & Affordable Asian Cuisines @ Petalz Residences, KL

February 28, 2019 Foodfootage 4 Comments

Great News!!!! Anson Kopi & Patisserie has now moved to Petalz Residences, Jalan Klang Lama (previously was located at Twin Arkz, Bukit Jalil). Located in the heart of KL, Anson Kopi & Patisserie known for being consistent with its quality as well as service. Apart from being consistent, Anson Kopi & Patisserie not only served all-time favorite local cuisines – Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa, Prawn Mee and many more, but also an instagrammable café.

For most of us, we might think that instagrammable café might be expensive and the food so-so only. But I can tell you, it is definitely worth the price!!!!!!

Let’s check out the food……..

Braised Dark Soy Chicken Rice – perfectly braised whole chicken leg in dark soy sauce served together with braised toufu and braised boiled egg alongside with fragrant rice. A homey dishes that commonly found in Chinese household –simple and yummy!!!

Anson Signature Fried Rice – perfectly deep fried chicken wing served with papadam, sunny side up and marinated carrot alongside with fried rice. Worth the value!!!!

Nasi Lemak Sotong – coconut infused steamed rice served with spicy sambal sotong together with papadam, boiled egg, and also peanut and anchovy. One of the commonly and favorite dish of all Malaysian. 

TomYam Baked Chicken – tender and juicy TomYam flavor whole chicken leg was simply mind-blowing. The sour and spicy flavor of TomYam made you want for more!!! Can I have a plate of white rice please???

Sarawak Baked Chicken – just like TomYam Baked Chicken, this tender and juicy baked chicken with spices and Sarawak peppers was simply appetizing and delicious!!!

Kelantan Beef Noodle – this hourly boiled beef broth is so intense in terms of its healing properties and its flavor, the ox strips were so tender and juicy; definitely make your dining experience more magnificent.

Kedah Mee Soto – the rempah (spice paste) broth was topping along with bean sprouts, fried shallots, shredded chicken, and fish balls; such a warm and flavorful meal!!!

 TomYam Mee Raja – the portion comes generously with seafood and I love it so much!!!!

Curry Laksa – a delicious aromatic and rich flavor of curried noodle soup with variety of toppings which you really couldn’t resist. One of my highly recommended dish!!!!

Hot Pot Yee Mee – one of the enormously popular dish among all. This soup taste authentic match so well with the pre-fried yee mee – not only suitable to eat during rainy day, but anytime anywhere.


Ice Kacang 

Anson Kopi & Patisserie not only offers variety of food, but as well as all sort of fresh fruits juices and Malaysian favorite beverages. There are few that are highly recommended including Hazelnut Soya, Coconut Coffee, Coconut Soya, Soya Coffee, Hazelnut Coffee and Wild Oat Milk.

Weekend is approaching and if you’re looking for a café to chill out, look no further than Anson Kopi & Patisserie. For more information about Anson Kopi & Patisserie, visit their Facebook Page for more!!!

Anson Kopi & Patisserie is located at:
Address: G-07, Petalz Residences Residency Rimbunan, No 2, Jalan 1/132A, Off Jalan Klang Lama, Kampoung Pasir, 58000, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 012-299 9766
Opening Hours: 10.00am – 11.30pm (Daily)


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