The Pangea @ NagaWorld Integrated Resort, Phnom Penh

What do you know about Phnom Penh?? Just a brief introduction before I started - Phnom Penh formerly known as Krong Chaktomuk or Krong Chaktomuk Serimongkul, the capital city of Cambodia.

I always wanted to visit Cambodia and I’ve been looking for friends to join me for years. Finally, I’m lucky enough to found great travel companions with me this time (Irene & Racheal). Honestly speaking, I got no idea how’s the trip is going to be like and how’s Phnom Penh city will look like – very excited and going to be a fun yet memorable trip for me!!!!

When we arrived Phnom Penh International Airport, Cambodia, The Kingdom Of Wonder did not disappoint me. 

Soon as I arrived NagaWorld Integrated Resort Phnom Penh, I felt comforted by the luxurious design. 

**NagaWorld Integrated Resort, Phnom Penh – Award Winner Since Year 2010**

NagaWorld Integrated Resort, Phnom Penh”

5-Star hotel rating certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia
Winner of multiple international awards including:
§  World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2016-2018: Fine Dining Cuisine & Italian Cuisine - Country Winner (Bistro Romano)
§  World Luxury Restaurants Awards 2016-2018: Luxury Hotel Restaurant & Chinese Cuisine - Country Winner (Fortune Palace)
§  World Luxury Restaurants Awards 2018: Luxury Seafood Restaurant - Continent Winner (Hall of Golden Chimes)
§  World Luxury Restaurants Awards 2018: Gourmet-style Buffet - Continent Winner (2Pangea)
§  World Luxury Spa Awards 2016-2018: Luxury Hotel Spa - Continent Winner, Luxury Day Spa -Country Winner  (The Spa at NagaWorld)
§  World Luxury Spa Awards 2018: Best Unique Experience Spa - Country Winner (The Elixir of Life)
§  World Luxury Hotel Awards 2014-2017: Luxury Casino Hotel - Global Winner (NagaWorld Hotel and Casino)
§  World Luxury Hotel Awards 2017: Luxury Casino Hotel - Continent Winner, Luxury Business Hotel - Country Winner (NagaWorld Hotel and Casino)
§  Ministry of Tourism: Best 5-star Hotel in Cambodia 2015
§  Ministry of Tourism: Spa Operation of the Year in Cambodia 2014-2015
§ Gold Circle Award 2015
§  Mekong Tourism Alliance Awards 2012- 2015: Best 5-star Hotel of the Year
§  Mekong Tourism Alliance Awards 2010-2013: Business Hotel of the Year
§  Ministry of Tourism: Best Integrated Entertainment Destination in Cambodia 2011-2014
§  Ministry of Tourism: Best Business & MICE Hotel in Cambodia 2011-2013
§  Ministry of Tourism: Best Leisure Resort in Cambodia 2012

Without further ado, let’s have a sneak peek on the rooms that we going to stay tonight!!!! Room rates starts from USD 55 per night can be booked via which I personally felt that it is an affordable luxury for a 5-star hotel.

From the walkway, I felt like I’m in a very luxurious hotel (probably those few hundred USD per night).

Cozy, spacious and elegant stay – lovely!!!

After check in, my stomach started to make the “gurgling” sounds and once I check my time, it’s already 6pm – is time to hungry again!!!!!! So what we gonna have tonight? – The Pangea

The Pangea – Royal Khmer Dinner Buffet

Before I travel to Phnom Penh, I did some research on food (the first thing I’ll do before I travel to that place) and I found there are a lot of food to discover here in Cambodia – food heaven. Since I can’t taste all the food here in Cambodia, The Pangea is the best place for me to satisfy my needs.

Located at Level 1 of Hotel North Wing, The Pangea a place where you can enjoy all the 25 Cambodian provinces – one-stop restaurant whereby you can have it all at once; also known as Royal Khmer Dinner Buffet.

The Pangea is an ideal place not only for dinner, but as well as breakfast meetings, group lunch, discussion and quiet dinner complete with the views of Mekong River!!

Besides those 25 Province Delicacies, you also can enjoy wide selection of international and Asian culinary here – from barbecue to sushi and many more!!!!

Wide selection of wine you can get here.

The reason why this is also called Royal Khmer Dinner Buffet is because you can enjoy your wonderful buffet while watching the traditional performance in front of you – just like a KING!!!

Traditional music performance

Traditional dance

Freshly made sushi – which should I eat first??

Those breads look so tempting – is it only me, or same to everyone else???


Once a chef mentioned, “Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance.” I can guaranteed these desserts will make you dance – trust me!!!

Honestly speaking, there are too many food for me to share here. What you all have to do is try it yourself!!!! I really enjoy having Royal Khmer Dinner Buffet and I felt like I’m a King at one point. I’m definitely coming back to enjoy this Royal Khmer Dinner Buffet again next year when I return to Cambodia!!!

For more information about The Pangea and to make reservation, please visit Click Here 


  1. Wow... I don't remember we ate so much... Wish to go back there again....

  2. Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful gastronomic adventure at NagaWorld ! Come back again next time. We will do other outlets


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