Beer Garage | One-Stop Entertainment Spot @ Bandar Sunway

There are lots of different way to reward yourself after a day’s hard work. For me, I usually will reward myself with dinner or chill out with my friends at café. But for others, they might want to go for a drink (alcoholic beverages). *Sometimes I do go drink with my friends*

When comes to drinking session, most of us will go during Happy Hour or even a place that offers cheaper price for beer. Yet, recently I was invited to a place where you can get cheaper rate beer, nice food and entertainment spot – Beer Garage.

Yummylicious Yet Affordable Food Along With Great Deal Beer

Located few minutes away from Sunway University, Beer Garage is a One-Stop Entertainment Spot whereby you not only can found cheaper rate beer and delicious food, but also games. 

Draught Beer [RM10] – you can opt for Asahi, Kronenbourg Blanc, Connor’s & Carlsberg ALL NIGHT LONG at flat rate.

We kicked off that evening with Grilled Skewered Milk Pork [RM12] one of the popular Thai street food. The caramelized and tenderness of grilled pork makes you couldn’t resist tick and after another stick.

Stir Fried Roasted Pork [RM20] the pork belly is juicy and tender, with the melt-in-mouth pork fat, and full of garlic and onion aromatic. Delicious!!!

Charcoal Grilled New Zealand Lamb [RM20] the softness and juiciness of the meat really paired so well with beer!!!! This dish comes with 1 side with the choice of Caesar salad, mash potato or French fries.

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Chop [RM14] the chicken skin is grilled to crisp and packed with flavor while the meat maintained juicy and moist. One of the great dish to pair with beer. This dish comes with 1 side with the choice of Caesar salad, mash potato or French fries.

Kam Heong Bali Tong [RM15] the combination of chili padi, garlic, shallots and lemongrass leaves a trail of fire on the tongue. But somehow, the spiciness seems to work well with the fresh and sweet chewy bali tong and it gets pretty addictive!!!!

Salt Crusted Grilled Fish [RM5/100g] this dish might seems scary, but amazingly the salt doesn’t overwhelm the fish – simple yet delicious!!!!

Salted Egg Har Ko [RM15] the fresh and juicy Har Ko (Mantis Prawn) coated with buttery and golden salted egg olk is really rich and sweet – can I have a bowl of white rice???

Grilled Pork Neck Salad [RM18] juicy and tender grilled pork neck combined so well with onions, tomatoes, celery and drenched in fish sauce palm sugar and lime juice to make it so inanely wonderful!!! Must Try!!!!

Steamed Squid With Spicy Seafood Sauce [RM20] the spicy, sour and sweet taste combination of the sauce really goes well with the freshly steamed squid. 

Deep Fried Enoki Mushroom [RM8] the perfectly fried Enoki Mushroom have a firm and mild texture with some fruity flavor. Simply irresistible!!!

BBQ Chicken Wings [RM12] these juicy and full of flavor chicken wings are lip-smacking good. The chicken wings are well marinated and grilled to perfection!!!!! One of the dish that you wouldn’t want to miss out!!!

Weekend is approaching and if you’re looking for a place to chill out in in Bandar Sunway, look no further than Beer Garage – a great place that not only serves beer but also a place to enjoy good food. For more information about Beer Garage, visit their Facebook Page for more!!!

Beer Garage is located at:
Address: No 2, Jalan PJS 11/14, Bandar Sunway, 46150, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 017-319 9836
Facebook: Click Here
Opening Hours: 4.00pm – 2.00am (Daily)


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