Taiwanese-Style Mooncake | Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2018 @ Donute’s Coffee & Cake Malaysia

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Mooncake Festival is just around the corner. For me, mooncake is not just a food, but also symbolizes completeness, togetherness, and prosperity. During this festival, people who celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival are busy buying mooncakes for their friends and family.

So if you are also thinking and looking for what type of mooncake to get for your friends and family for this upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, frat no more – Donute’s Coffee & Cake Malaysia version of Taiwanese Style Mooncake has back with simply unique and tempting mooncake.

Taste Of Taiwan
Unlike traditional mooncake, Taiwanese-Style Mooncake is made from shortcrust pastry which is rich, crumbly and buttery crust like pie dough. This year, Donute’s Coffee & Cake Malaysia has come out with 7 flavors. All are freshly baked and available in a box of 8 for the price of RM 58.90.

Flavors included:

Taro Yolk

Matcha Yolk

Read Bean Mochi Yolk

Japanese Purple Potato Yolk

White Lotus Yolk

Blueberry Yolk 

As for me, I prefer their Japanese Sweet Potato Yolk, Matcha Yolk and Taro Yolk – not too sweet and yet flavorful and delicious!!! For more information, please visit Donute’s Malaysia or check out their Facebook Page.

**Available On 20th August 2018 Onwards**


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