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Breakfast is the most important and first meal of the day. There are a lots of choices when comes to breakfast – oat, cereals, sandwiches, English breakfast and many more. For me, I usually like to eat something convenient and easy for my breakfast – especially those food that can eat during my driving to office. But recently, I’m fortunate enough to come across this new homemade nut butter that I love it so much.

MSG & Preservatives FREE
Arrie, the founder of Arrie’s Homemade Nut Butter is a stay-at-home mom who looking to provide the best and healthy food for her family members – mother is the greatest of them all; not to forget dad also!!!! Apart from to provide best and healthy to her family members, another reason was there’s demand but no supply in the market.

Started with first two products – almond and cashew butter, but now the variety has increased with large range of nuts, seeds and spreads. 

What so special about the product:-

 No Added Oil
Cold Grounded
Preservatives FREE

What I ordered….

Almond Butter [RM25/220g | RM40/440g] – sweet and nutty flavor.

Pistachio Butter [RM40/220g | RM75/440g] – rich and nutty flavor.

Macadamia Butter [RM45/220g | RM80/440g] – creamy and buttery flavor.

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread [RM35/220g | RM60/440g] – thick and semi-sweet chocolate taste blend with buttery flavor. My all-time favorite!!!!!

There are also 3 types of seasoning level you can choose from – natural (just crushed nuts), mildly seasoned (light & easy), and standard seasoned (Yummy!!!); and the seasoned ones are ONLY added with Organic Cane Sugar and Himalayan Pink Salt. You can specify which seasoning level you want when you order!!!!

I have to admit, those 4 flavors that I ordered really surprised and satisfied my taste-butt. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to try any other nut better or spread after trying Arrie’s Homemade Nut Butter!!!!! If you would like to know more about Arrie’s Homemade Nut Butter, please check out Arrie’sHomemade Nut Butter Facebook Page or WhatsApp 017-554 4483.


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