Anti-Sinus|Nasal Allergies Sprays™ |A Solution To Eliminate Sinus Allergies and Improve Immunity @ THYMOS

For those people who suffer with seasonal sinus / nasal allergies, worry no more!!!! Anti-Sinus / Nasal Allergies Sprays by THYMOS is now available in Malaysia!!!

Revolutionary Solution That Reduces Pathogenically Induced Allergies
Sinus infection or rhinosinusitis, is inflammation of sinuses resulting in symptoms. Usually sinus will attack during early morning and even the cause of the air quality around you. Being a sinus victim for so many years (nearly my entire life) is really a burden for me. Thank you THYMOS with Self-Sanitizing Technology that helps to reduce pathogenically induced allergies, now I can wake up in a perfect mood.

How It Works:
With pioneering Self-Sanitizing Technology, the spray delivers 12-hours of long-lasting protection, emphasizing to bring pleasure and comfort all day long.  Basically, THYMOS generates a powerful shield by releasing negatively charged ions (as small as 100,000x smaller than human hair) to protect you fromallergen and harmful pathogens.

By using the finest high-quality of minerals, THYMOS Self-Sanitizing Technology generates powerful bacteriostatic electrons which forms an invisible, colorless and odorless shield on treated surface, eliminating allergens and pathogens. It automatically re-generates its effects when it comes in contact with air and light.

How To Use:
    Wear it like perfume to boost antibodies

Spray on pillow/bolster to reduce Sinus Allergies

Spray in the air for instant relief from irritation

Key Features:

>> Kills 99.99% Pathogens under 60 seconds
>> Supercharge Antibodies
>> Alcohols, Toxic Chemicals, Steroids & Fragrance Free
>> Convenient Travel Size Tube with around 170 Sprays

Overall Opinion:  I personally have tested this product and it really works on me. Now I do not have to worry about my Sinus which might ruined my day anymore. Thank you THYMOS for the great product.
**Now Exclusively Available at Guardian Malaysia**

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