Tokuya|New Japanese Shopping Experience @ Arconis Plaza Mont’ Kiara, KL

The new Japanese store – Tokuya is now opening in Arconis Plaza Mont’s Kiara. Well, Tokuya was previously known as ¥100 Yen Shop which was the first Japanese concept store in Malaysia. They are now restructuring with more affordable yet high-quality from the price starts from RM5.80.

All-In-One Japanese With High-Quality And Innovative Japanese Products
Located at newly developed plaza – Arconis Plaza Mont’ Kiara, Tokuya gave me a great shopping experience with wide selection of products from Japan during their grand opening recently.

Tokuya sells over 20,000 Japanese products ranged from:
  • Household Products
  • Kitchenware
  • Cosmetics
  • Storage boxes
  • Pets Products
  • Gardening; and many more for you to explore yourself!!! 

Tokuya store looks premium and beautiful – I bet they’ve been putting a lots of effort in it!!!

Time for crochet – I need it for my upcoming travel. Anyone kind enough to make one scarf for me please??

Overall, this kind of Japanese store is very “Dangerous” for me because there’re many things I can shop here. There are many special Japan items you can only get from Tokuya – Banana Cutter, Special Soft Tub for food washing, big tubs and many more. So if you want to enjoy new Japanese Shopping experience, look no further than Tokuya.

Tokuya is located at:
Address: LG 1-06 & 07, Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara, Jalan Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +603-6411 2082

Facebook: Click Here
Instagram: Click Here


  1. Everything looks so affordable here. Feel like shopping here tomorrow

  2. Yes I was there as well. So many choices to choose from! I bought quite a lot for myself

  3. I started to live their stuff. So nice and beautiful. Kinda different compare to other Japanese concept store


  4. Omg i like those tea sets! Glad you found another Japanese store. We only have Miniso here.

  5. Omg i like those tea sets! Glad you found another Japanese store. We only have Miniso here.


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