Terrace Bar & Grill @ The KL Journal Hotel, Bukit Bintang

Looking for a dining place at KL was easy as they are basically existing in every corner of the streets. But looking for an affordable while providing you great ambiance dining place would be difficult especially with your loved ones. Terrace Bar & Grill – an opened roof dining concept, with great music and night view of the street of Bukit Bintang, this will definitely be one of the new destinations for restaurant enthusiasts.   

Conveniently located in the heart of KL on Level 1 of The KL Journal Hotel, Terrace Bar & Grill is not just an ordinary bar, but a place for you to spend your time with your friends or colleagues, family gathering, private party and all kind of celebrations just like home!!! With the advantage of its location, there will be no excuses for you not to check out Terrace Bar & Grill. 

One of the reasons why you should visit Terrace Bar & Grill not just simply because they serve variety of beers, wines, liquors as well as cocktails, but customized cocktail!!! You can customize your very own cocktail based on your preferences!!!

Moreover, Ladies are entitling for FREE cocktail on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 5.00pm to 10.00pm. Of course, there will be LIVE Performance as well to pair with your great drinks – life wouldn’t be complete without music right!!!! 

*Tuesday – Blue Note Music*
*Thursday – Open Mic Malaysia*
*Saturday – Acoustic Guitar & Saxophone*

Apart from the drinks, food would be the MAIN reason to visit Terrace Bar & Grill. Probably you will ask what so special about their food – they serve unique famous local dishes using imported spices as their ingredients. This might sound slightly off, but trust me, you’re going to miss the taste once you try it!!!!! 

My first recommendation, Fish Head Curry [RM50] – a fleshy fish head swimming in a pool of spicy gravy, along with mix vegetables such as okra (lady fingers) and eggplant. This bowl of fish head curry has a robust savory flavor which is tamed with just enough tamarind to give it an extra dimension. I’ll only use one word to describe the dish – AWESOME!!!!!!!!
**P.S. – Please call an hour earlier to make reservation for this Fish Head Curry – great food needs time to prepare**

Papadum, Arcar and Fragrance Rice (4-6 pax) comes along with the Fish Head Curry.

Well, you probably will think what so special about this Beef Rendang? – the rending is made intensely aromatic by coconut milk, chilies and imported spices. When your first bite, the rich and tender coconut beef stew which is explosively flavorful will probably made you ask for more!!!! 

Another well-known local and irresistible dish – Beef / Chicken Satay. There will be cucumbers, onions, steamed rice and peanut sauce served together with the Beef / Chicken Satay.

Overall Opinion:  Terrace Bar & Grill is not just an ordinary bar, but a bar that makes you feel like you’re “going home” together with great food – definitely a place that you won’t regret to visit. If you’re happen to stuck in a traffic jam or wanted to find a place to chill out or even small talk, look no further than Terrace Bar & Grill. Last but not least, I would like to thank to Management of The KL Journal, Mr Ramesh (GM), Mr Khairil (DOSM) & Mr Jimmy for the great hospitality; also not to forget FoodilifeciousAJ and Kellaw for the companion. 

Terrace Bar & Grill is located at:
Address: No 30, Jalan Beremi, Off Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50200, Kuala Lumpur.
Website: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here
Tel: +603-2110 2211
Fax: +603 2110 1100


  1. It looks like a great place to visit. These foods looks so delicious and tempting. I loved to try it.I am glad you shared this.

  2. It surely looks like a place to spend your time with your friends or colleagues, Will drop in with the guys sometime soon!

  3. Although I cannot place this location, since I am from out of town, I really love this ambience and setting. Hope to be able to experience it personally one day.

    1. Maybe you can try to Waze for "The KL Journal Hotel". It is quite visible :)

  4. you do take very nice pictures. Me likey!.. the food after see also make me hangrie.. oh wow

    1. Than you Isaac. I love your pic and article too. *thumbs up*

  5. Lovely environment, perfect to chill out with friends :)

  6. This place is so cosy! Will definitely come with friend to try out the food.

  7. Replies
    1. Indeed. You should drop by if you're around that area :)

  8. I love the spot of the restaurant, and the food looks so delicious especially the fish curry ❤️ Thank you for your review

  9. This place look awesome. That Fish Curry...really look mouth watering.

  10. Seeing this make me miss the food there.. Kia we go again and this time we makan their western food.. I miss their delicious chicken pie



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