Hotel On The Park @ Genting Highlands

Sometimes we need to escape from reality either for a short break or getaway. Some of you may choose to travel overseas and some of you may choose to travel locally. This time, I’m going to introduce you a great getaway place / staycation with nice scenery, entertainment and great weather – Theme Park Hotel.

Located few minutes’ walk from  SkyAvenue (Genting Highland), Theme Park Hotel is a new hotel, opened for business just 3 months ago with a new look. This hotel had undergone a massive makeover process....

When I checked in to this hotel, I was wondering where’s the room number (usually is on the door) and was thinking “is it I have to manually count the room number by myself???”. Silly me, the room numbers are written on the floor of the entrance……

There are few types of rooms available in this hotel…..

The Sixer Room…..

The room size is 300 sq ft, comes with three queen-sized beds and can accommodate up to 6 people. If you’re coming in a group of friends or big family, this room would be your best choice.

The Quads Room…..

The room size is about 260 sq ft, comes with two queen-sized beds and can accommodate up to 4 people. If you’re coming in a group of four (friends or family), this is the best room for you. 

During the staycation, I found out there’s something worth to share here -  the special room for elderly that have difficulty in movement and disable (OKU). The room is spacious enough for a wheel chair to come in and not only that, there’s an adjustable bed with remote control and specially designed bathroom available in the room as well. As you can see, these facilities are not something ordinary that you can easily find in any other hotels in the world.

This is a Grab & Go one stop solution store for all the guests to grab their breakfast (sandwich, pastry, nasi lemak, and etc…)

Overall Opinion:  I personally like this hotel very much – comfortable, clean and great service. There’re many little things in the room for you to explore. If you’re happen to have to chance to stay here, please do explore the room yourself, I can guarantee you’ll be amazed by the design and the new look of this hotel. I would like to thank Resort World Genting, Theme Park Hotel and also Foodilifecious for this golden opportunity for me to explore the new hotel.

For more information, please Click Here

Hotel On The Park is located at:
Address: Hotel on the Park, Genting Highlands, 69000 Bentong, Pahang.
Website: Click Here
Check-In Time: 3.00pm
Check-Out Time: 12.00pm


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