Level One Coffee House @ Glenmarie, KL

When talk about Glenmarie, I guess everyone will think of Auto City where you can get variety of car showrooms/dealers here (Nissan, Peugeot, Auto Bavaria….).However, Glenmarie has developed quite a lot from an industrial area to a commercial area.  This time around, I’m here not to check out new car model, but an opportunity to visit this café – Level One Coffee House. You would probably wondering whether this café located at Level One and the answer is YES!!!

Level One Coffee House, owned by a Swedish and his Malaysian wife, sits on the first floor of the corner shop just opposite Lamborghini Showroom. The ambiance here – cozy and comfortable, just like you’re enjoying at the beach.

So, let’s get started with……..Mocktail of the Month….

From left: Snowy Mango [RM12], Waka Waka Mint Tea [RM12], Lychee Ice Tea [RM12], Kurma Murma [RM15]*Highly Recommended*

The do served different blend of coffee here……

Sumatra Mandheling & India Monsoon Malabar

3C [RM10] – a mixture of carrot, celery and cucumber in a cup together with shrimp or tuna mayo at the side for dipping. Simple and healthy snacks.

Edamame Aglio Olio [RM8] – instead of seasoned with a pinch of salt, the chef actually fried with dried chili and garlic. Honestly speaking, this is the best Edamame so far and I highly recommend to try this!!!!!

Mix Salad with Smoked Fish [RM22] – instead of using smoked salmon, the chef used Herring Fish, a favorite among Scandinavians. Although you might found unpleasant smell on the smoked fish, but I bet you gonna try this out and it taste incredibly yummy. 

As for mains, you have the choice choosing 3 types of sandwiches bread – Artisan Bread Sandwiches, Toasted or Plain Sandwich. I would recommend the Artisan Bread because you might not able to get it elsewhere. For Artisan Bread, you have the choices of Multi Grain Bread, Ciabatta Bread, Tea Bread, 3 Grain Bread, Honey Spelt Bread, Bavarian Spelt, Poppy Seed Bun, Wheat and Rye or even Croissant to choose from to couple with your favorite fillings.

Croissant with Beef Salami [RM16] 

Ciabatta with Smoked Salmon [RM24

Honey Spelt with Beef Cured [RM18

Bavarian Spelt with Chicken Pastrami [RM16

Poppy Seed Bun with Chicken Green Peppercorn [RM15

Croissant with Butter & Jam [RM10

Smoked Salmon Quiche [RM28] – the quiche is packed with salmon, eggs and vegetables and it is the original recipe from the chef. 

As for dessert……..

From left: Carrot Walnut Cake, Srewpine Coconut Crepe, Zesty Velvet Crepe, Midnight Chocolate Crepe.

Overall Opinion: Basically, their in house specialty is Artisan Bread. For me, the food and the service were good. Besides that, this is a very cozy and comfortable coffee house for you and your friends/family to chill out together. Thank you Level One Coffee House for the invitation. 

Level One is located at:
Address: No.1, 1st Floor, Jalan Penguasa A U1/53A, Temasaya Glenmarie Square, Seksyen U1, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Phone: +603-5569 2161
Facebook Page: Click Here
Website: Click Here
Opening Hours: 8.30am till 6pm (Mon – Thurs), Closed Fri – Sun (due to Puasa Month) *will change after Raya.


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