Café Clon, PJS 12 @ Jalan Kemajuan, PJ

It’s been awhile since I last update my blog – due to my busy work life. Although I’m busy with my work but I still go for food hunting during weekends, just not that frequent and active. I guess I’m lucky enough to spot this new café during my drive back home from work.

Café Clon

Recently, the vaping trend pop up so fast just like mushrooms grow after rain and I doubt it will stop anytime soon. Located somewhere near Unique Seafood Restaurant, Café Clon is not an ordinary two-level café with a Vietnamese influence in their menu, but also a vape lounges(lower level) – The Nest Underground. 
Café Clon not just an ordinary café, but they do offers space for rent for business meet, events or even party.

Paris [RM11.00]

Vietnamese Pizza [RM8.00(S)/ RM 14.00(L)]
 My favorite of the night – a savory Vietnamese snack served hot, basically a rice paper crepe with a spiced stuffing. 

Popiah [RM8.00]
 A crispy appetizer that stuffed with vegetables. However, these Popiah were slightly oily. 

Banh Mi [RM15.50]
 This Banh Mi comes with a crispy and crowd- pleasing sweet potato and yam fries. However, the recipe needs some tweaking as it taste much like a regular egg & ham sandwich. 

Seafood Tom Yam Carbonara [RM25.00]
 A delightful combination of spiciness form the Tom Yam and the creamy texture is something you have to try!!! However, the shrimps were slightly out of my expectation.

The Nest Underground

The Nest Underground is a vape lounges that comes with a settings and ambiance that the Malaysians would love to hang out.

A mini cinema and chill-put section!!! Basically you can rent the entire place here to throw your party, private or company events. 

Eric- the vape shop attendant.

Overall Rating: 7/10. I have to admit that Café Clon did pretty well as a new café in town. The only downside – some of the recipe needs some tweaking and branding is important too as I never thought it was a café when I first pass by.

Café Clon is located at:
Address: 62, Jalan Kemajuan 12/18, 46200 Petaling Jaya.
Phone: 03 7932 2088
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu: 12pm – 8 pm
     Fri-Sat: 12pm – 12am
                        Sun: 12pm – 8pm 


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