Bites Café @ Lake Fields, Sg Besi, KL

It’s been awhile I didn’t hang out with my friends to explore new café and good food. Coincidently, I received a call from my sister to join her along with food sampling @ Sg Besi.

Bites Café

Driving there form PJ took me merely about 40 minutes (suppose to be 30 minutes because of a wrong turn) with smooth traffic. Honestly speaking, the bright yellow signboard will easily catch your attention.

When I first step into the café, those colorful frame that hanging on the wall really drawn my attention. Moreover, the warm lighting with some cute interior deco made me feel cozy just like a home for me – a nice and comfortable place to hang out with your buddies or partner. 


Let’s get started with…….

Fresh Squeezed Juices [RM7.90 – RM8.90]
Look!!! So cute!!!! The freshly squeezed fruit juices were served in cute little cottage.

Honey Ginger Tea [RM8.90]

Tomato Soup [RM9.90]
We had this tomato soup as appetizer. Honestly speaking, it was creamy but slightly too salty for me.

It’s A Wrap [RM14.90]
Vegetarian wrap with salad and avocado in special sauce and berries dressing – fit not only for vegan, but also those who likes to eat healthily and greens. On that night, our wrap came with additional salmon and it’s very stimulating.

Egg Benedict [RM17.90]
Although Egg Benedict is commonly seen in most of the cafés, but Egg Benedict here received lots of positive comments from customers – well executed with sautéed Shimeji mushrooms and the egg was good too. P.S. – choice of smoked salmon or beef bacon (but I would recommend smoked salmon).

The Swiss [RM14.90]
The soft warm crispy potato rosti were addicting and satisfying. Unfortunately, this came with a little too sour for me. However, I did enjoy the scramble and the twirl smoked salmon.

The Italian [RM14.90]
Another interesting eggy dish that tickles my taste buds – breakfast frittata with turkey ham, mushroom, onions, cherry tomatoes, and spinach. 

The Mexican [RM12.90]
One of my favorite dish of the night – breakfast burritos with eggs, chicken sausage, loads of mushrooms, and cheese. Very well-balanced mixture of flavors and it’s really healthy though.

Club Sandwich Waffle [RM12.90]
Unlike ordinary club sandwich, this interesting dish replaced bread with crisp waffle. With beef bacon, egg, lettuce and tartar sauce, the club sandwich here is capable of satisfying your taste buds – Satisfied level 100%!!!!

Breakfast Pizza [RM13.90]
Thin crust pizza base topped nicely with sunny side up, beef bacon, baked beans, baby spinach, mushrooms, and cheese. Not only makes an interesting breakfast but also pizza lovers – seriously awesome!!

Grilled Chicken with Waffles Sandwich [RM15.90]
A perfectly grilled chicken flooded with creamy mushroom sauce, cheese and sautéed mushrooms, hidden beneath a sunny side up. This taste as good as it looks and you will definitely ask for me!!!! 

Beef Bacon and Shrimp Pasta [RM18.90]
Honestly speaking, you wouldn’t be able to get this generous serving of bacon and shrimp for pasta under RM20.

The Malaysian [RM14.90]
This nasi lemak would be perfect if the rice and sambal could’ve been more fragrant and less sweet. However, the deep fried chicken was very delightful. 

Roasted Spring Chicken and Vegetables [RM26.90]
The roasted spring chicken was palatable and the homemade sauce matches the dish very well – gratifying in portion.

Braised Lamb Shank [RM32.90]
A perfectly cooked lamb shank sitting on a pool of gravy – I personally felt that the lamb shank tasted fine on its own but it felt separated when eat with gravy (you can taste the lamb shank and gravy cooked separately).

Grilled Salmon Fillet on Crispy Potato Cake [RM32.90]
Grilled salmon (nicely flaked meat and superb crisp skin) with sautéed asparagus sitting on a pool of rich and flavorsome homemade special sauce – you wouldn't regret if you order this dish!!!!!!

Affogato [RM9.90]
Two scoops of ice cream topped with crushed cranberry almond biscotti and a shot of espresso at the side – the bitterness of the espresso shot counterbalance the sweetness nicely. 

Dessert Waffles with Salted Gula Melaka Ice Cream [RM11.90] / Pandan Kaya Ice Cream [RM11.90]
I personally think that Bites do served great waffles – crispy on the outside, light and tender on the inside. I don’t have to describe how it tastes like when eat with ice cream…… For those who have sweet tooth, you gotta try this out!!!!!

The Last Polka Ice Cream [RM9.90]
An ice cream brand based in Malaysia made by two Malaysia Ladies – The Last Polka ice creams are available here!!!!!!! When I saw this in the fridge, I thought I’ll attempt every single flavors that available here (this is too tempting for an ice cream fans like me!!!). However towards the end, I ended up finishing only ONE flavor!!! L (Mission Failed)

Overall Rating: 7.5.I has to admit that Bites Café did a good job as a new restaurant although there are some dishes needed some tweaking (some dishes are still on experimental stage). So peeps, you gotta try out this new café in Lake Field this weekend (if you’re still looking for cafés or places to hang out with your friends).

Bites Cafe is located at:
Address: No. 72, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Medan Niaga Tasik Damai, Sungai Besi 57000 KL.
Phone: 603 9055 4438
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: 
Click Here
Opening Hours: 9am - 10pm Daily


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