Soup Restaurant @ Jaya Shopping Center, Section 14 PJ

There are number of shops and restaurants already established in newly opened Jaya Shopping Center and there’s this hidden gem which will satisfy those who misses mom’s cooked food and Chinese food fans.

Soup Restaurant

With simplicity and traditional Chinese Deco in its design, Soup Restaurant – originated from Singapore Since year 1991 and now expanded their stores in Malaysia; suited right next to Bariuma Ramen for about three months to date. Despite from its name, Soup Restaurant specializes in more than just soup – home-cooked style dishes with a distinctively traditional taste. 

Kick start the meal with their signature Samsui Ginger Chicken [RM39.90/RM75.90] – one of the crazy addictive dishes of the night. The chicken (‘kampung’ chicken) was steamed perfectly whereby the chicken was juicy and tender and the great part is you still can taste the natural sweet taste of the chicken in it. 

There are ways of eating this – you can either dip the chicken in fragrant ginger sauce or eat it or you can wrap with lettuce after dip with fragrant ginger sauce. 

Up next…… 

 Double Boiled Soup

Double Boiled Waisan & Ginseng Roots with Chicken Soup [RM17.90] – ideal for tiredness and relieve stress.

Double Boiled Dried Scallop with Black Chicken Soup [RM23.90] – invigorates blood circulation and relieves stress.

Double Boiled American Ginseng with Abalone Soup [RM17.90] – good got renewing tired minds and bodies.

PS: you can pick based on what your body needs!!!

Traditional Boiled Soup of the Day. 1 pax [RM9.90], 2-4 pax [RM22.90], 5 pax and above [RM33.90]

The natural essence of lotus root and meat were all in the soup and kept me going back for more (mouth-watering). 

Penang Fried Mee Suah [RM17.90]

If I were to compare with other dishes, this Penang Fried Mee Suah kinda let me down as the mee suah was slightly mashy and flavorless.

Ah Por (less ginger) / Ah Kon (more ginger) Ginger Fried Rice [RM17.90]

I have to admit that this ginger fried rice was awesome – eventually the ginger taste like “choi poh” (preserved radish – for me!!). A classic Chinese dish, simple and yet delicious presented.

Hometown Fried Fish Belly With/ Without Chili [RM23.90]

One of the interesting dishes of the night – each piece of fish belly was fried to perfection and was crispy outside yet moist inside. I usually don’t really like eat fish belly because most of it wasn’t clean enough (dirt and bitter taste), but this was HOLY MAMA!!!!!!!!!!

Tofu Prawns [RM23.90] + Mantou (Fried/Steamed) [RM9.90 for 8 pieces]

It is best to eat the mantou (crispy on the outside and soft inside) by dunk the mantou into the sweet and sour gravy which consist of eggs, tomatoes and chili sauce with fresh prawns and delicious soft and silky tofu hidden beneath.

Steamed Hand-chopped Minced Pork with Salted Egg [RM18.90]

Steamed Hand-chopped Minced Pork with Water Chestnut [RM18.00]

Both hearty and traditional minced pork tasted just like how mum used to make – rich pork flavor, chewy and well-balanced minced meat (meat and fat). Only 30 servings are prepared a day!!!!

 Ah Kon(Spicy) / Ah Por (Not Spicy) Fan Shu Leaves [RM15.90]

This is the Ah Kon version of fan shu leaves – plain sweet potato leaves fried with sambal chili. However, the fan shu leaves happen to be a little too old which otherwise chewier and delicious.

New Zealand Vension with Ginger & Spring Onion [RM27.90]

Another interesting dish of the night – the juiciness and tenderness of venison (deer meat) together with the taste and heat of black pepper will hit you on your first bite, ending with flavorful and savory taste!!!!!!

Herbal Jelly [RM7.90]

Double Boiled Snow Fungus with Gingko [RM8.90]

Sea Coconut with Logan [RM7.90]

Double Boiled Snow Fungus & Almond [RM8.90]

What you would expect after a rich and wholesome meal? I bet it would be desserts – even the desserts here are double-boiled too!!! The desserts were indeed pretty good and Sea Coconut with Logan will definitely be my pick of the night. What I liked about it was the zesty and refreshing taste of cuts of lemon.  However, I was kinda disappointed with the Herbal Jelly – wasn’t as good as I expected as the taste of the herbs wasn’t apparent.

 Overall Rating: 7/10. I like the food here pretty much and was definitely better than expected. Don’t let the old-fashioned name “Soup Restaurant” put you off, give it a shot and it will surprised you!!!!

Soup Restaurant is located at:
Address: Level 3, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya.
Opening Hours 10am - 10pm Daily.

Address: Lot G210A, Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 PJ.
Phone: +6 03 7727 2788
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily.


  1. Luckily the food is non halal... Or else I will end up at the restaurant and tagging you again and blaming you for seducing me to eat.

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