Yama & J Fusion Sushi Buffet @ Jaya On, PJ

Japanese food – Yay or Nay? As for a Japanese food lover like meJ, I’m indeed fortunate to have the opportunity to go for food-tasting.

Yama & J, a Fusion sushi restaurant was opened about a year back by a partnership of three. Head Chef, Chef Yama San has more than 26 years of sushi making experience as he has been living in a cross-cultured lifestyle - from Japan to New York. By returning to homeland with all the experiences in food industry, Chef Yama San is ready to serve another style of sushi with passion and creativity to the public.

As for the night, the restaurant was closed-off for Joe’s birthday celebration and also for this dining event.

There was loads of sashimi (fresh and imported) going around that night……

Sashimi Boat 1...

Sashimi Boat 2...

Before dinner, let’s have some tidbits!!!!!!

First up, Salmon Belly Kudu [RM68]....

A slice of smooth salmon belly topped with chopped garlic, scallions and ebiko meeting with special sauce, together with their signature freshly made wasabi. The combination of little burning sensation and the smooth meaty taste definitely makes you want for more.

Fresh Oysters - 12 Pieces [RM48]

Fresh oysters topped with fusion sauce are meant to be soaking up with one breath. For those who likes to eat oysters but afraid of the “smell”, you gonna try this out as the fusion sauces will overlay the “smell”.

Tokyo Smoke Duck [RM6/each]

My pick of the night – Smoked Duck Sushi!! The slice of the smoked duck meat was juicy (with a little fat) and flavorful as the duck meat was not overly smoked (freshness and sweetness of duck meat still remain).

Salmon Belly Osaka [RM68]

Another version of salmon belly, the Salmon Belly Osaka was sliced thinly and served with black pepper, cilantro and chef’s signature sauce that had an unmistakable sour taste to it. If I were to pick between Salmon Belly Kudu and Salmon Belly Osaka, I certainly will go Salmon Belly Kudu as Salmon Belly Osaka.

Japanese Lasagna

With the concoction of snow crab meat and avocado underneath while coated with a layer of baked cheese and chef’s signature sauce, this certainly a beautiful dish. However, this appeared to be slightly too complicated to know what’s exactly lies underneath.

Fuji Volcano Roll [RM43]

 Shrimp, scallop sautéed with spicy garlic sauce, garnished with green onions, soy sauce and eel sauce. It’s a temping and savory dish, but would be best without those sauces around.

Art Of Maki

Consists of hammered tuna, avocado and crabmeat wrapped with tuna – most uncomplicated dish of the night. Frankly speaking, it would be best without sitting on a pool of yuzu sauce.

Seafood Martini [RM43]

Everyone seemed reluctant to eat this beautiful creation by the chef!!!! Tuna, white tuna, and salmon slices, layed on a martini glass with yuzu and wasabi sauce. It was too saucy; however, the slices of sashimi were fresh and had great textures.

Eiffel Tower [RM58]

I was thinking how I am going to eat this, but guess what, the spicy tuna tartare need to eat with a tea-spoon!!! In fact, this wasn’t my cup of tea as the rice was too mushy and it is hardly for me to identify what’s inside.

Happy Sumo [RM43]

It had shrimp tempura, cream cheese and snow crab inside; deep-fried with potato strip around and topped with chef’s signature yuzu sauce(citrusy flavor), eel sauce(savory flavor) and strawberry sauce(sweet and sour flavor). I was glad that there were numerous flavors going on in the dish. Thumbs Up!!!

This is one of the more affordable Japanese buffet in town – priced at RM48++ (Lunch) and RM88++ (Dinner). You can make order from their a la carte menu and there are also special deals for VIP card members.

Overall Rating: 6/10. As for the night progressed, those dishes were eventually out of your expectations – full of surprise and tempting. If you’re a sashimi lover, fusion food lover, adventurous or even willing to accept new things around, you definitely have to head over to Yama & J. However, there were too much sauces going around that night. 

For online reservations via TABBLEAPP: Click Here
For reservations via SMS: 016-381 8896 (11.30am – 10pm daily)
For phone reservations: 03-7931 7327 (11.30am – 10pm daily)

Yama & J Fusion Sushi Buffet @ Jaya One PJ
Address: Lot M-6-1, Palm Square, 72A Jaya One, Jalan 13/6, Petaling Jaya, 46200, Selangor
Business Hour: Sun – Wed 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 10pm.
                        Thu – Sat 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 1am.


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