Ikar Restaurant @ Jalan Ipoh

There are great foods around KL area and it’s a food heaven for those who like to hunt for great food (like meJ). Recommended by my friend and browsing through a couple of blog review, I decided to check out this extra ordinary fish head noodles restaurant located in Batu 3, Jalan Ipoh (opposite Maybank, RiverCity). 

An opposed to many traditional and conventional fish head noodles – vermicelli in a milky fish broth and served with fried fish head, Ikar Restaurant creatively offered many improvised version of fish head noodles (I bet you guys must be wondering how creative it is!! J).

I was in a hopeless tangle with the number of flavors available on the menu – as I wanted to try it all at once. 

While we waited for the fish head noodles, we snack on Fried Foo Chook [RM5.00]. Unlike normal Fried Foo Chook, there is some fish paste wrapping inside. The chewiness sensation of fish paste combine with crispy Foo Chook makes a perfect match.

I ordered “Pink Panther”….syrup with soya and grass jelly while the rest ordered herbal tea.

Tadaaa~~~~Here’s my bowl of Creamy Black Pepper with Garoupa Fish Fillets [RM10.00] - Apparently, this bowl of fish head noodles taste like pig’s stomach with pepper soup (but without pig’s stomach). With little spicy and robust, it’ll surely open up your appetite. The fried fish fillets that served separately right next to it are well cooked and the flesh was smooth.

Creamy Cheese with Sea Catfish Fish Head [RM8.00] + Sea Catfish Fish Fillets [RM 3.00] - The closest resemblance I can elaborate is a more diluted and slightly saltier version of carbonara sauce which we are familiar with – not overly cheesy that surely makes you come back for more. However, Sea Catfish Fish Fillets are not quite decent as there are slightly “muddy” tastes in.

Spicy Curry with Garoupa Fish Head [RM10.00] + Garoupa Fish Fillets [RM5.00]. With little spicy and savory, this bowl of curry fish head noodles gives a pleasant burning feeling in your mouth. Moreover, this bowl of curry reveals complex layer of curry flavor and exotic herbs. Give it a shot if you’re a curry lover.

Traditional Style with Sea Catfish Fish Fillets [RM8.00] - This traditional style with evaporated milk was quite a disappointment. As expected, it was a little sour but it is flavorless and bland (had to add some soy sauce to it). Moreover, there are slightly “muddy” tastes in the fish fillets (as mentioned before).

Overall Rating: 6.8/10. **Thumbs Up** for the fish head noodles here (except the traditional style). This is one of the places that I could go again, perhaps to try other flavor of fish head noodles.

Address: No. 453, Batu 3, Jalan Ipoh, 51200, Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour: Tuesday to Sunday (7am – 7pm), Close every Monday. 


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