Ah Or Chu Yuk Fun @ Sunway Mentari

For me, food is my favorite of the day and weekends usually is my “hunting” day for food. As usual, I’m looking for food around and suddenly Ah Or Chu Yuk Fun appeared on my mind (light bulb).
Right at the edge of Sunway Metari, you can see there is one and only shop packed with customers, as I called in pork noodles lovers,  not only inside but as well as tables outside. There are also oncoming pork noodles lovers standing and waiting for their turn to collect their orders. I believed all of the pork noodles lovers came for just for a specific reason – to satisfy their cravings in pork noodles.

Behind every delicious dishes/food is a great chef; behind chef are his/her skills. I ordered a small bowl of pork noodles soup with the match of “kuey toew” and “bihun” – my all-time favorite combination. There are two varieties available: dry or cooked in soup.

It takes less than 30 minutes for my hot bowl of delicious pork noodles to arrive. The simmering soup is savory and sweet with fried pork lard and pork innards to enrich the taste and aroma of the soup.  There are “choi poh” (preserved radish) and poached egg within the soup as well. Moreover, the noodles are springy and chewy which has showed that this bowl of hot pork noodles is not overcooked. 

Another hot bowl of pork noodles but this is a special pork noodles (with extra pork innards, minced meat and sliced pork). You can see that the soup base of the pork noodles is clearer compared to other pork noodles.

Overall Rating: 7/10. I found that there is something missing in the hot bowl of pork noodles – robust pork taste. Other than that, everything is fine and just good enough to fill your taste buds.

The menu is as such:
Small [RM6.00]
Large [RM7.00]
Special [RM12.00]
Dry [RM7.00] *come with a bowl of soup
With egg [add RM1.00]

Address: 3, Jln PJS 8/17, Dataran Mentari, 46510 Bandar Sunway, Selangor
Business hour: Open Daily 7am to 5pm


  1. I was there! love the place! Best pork noodles around! =)

    1. Yea, one of the best pork noodles around sunway~~~

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