Soi 19|MSG FREE Authentic Thai Food@ Kuchai Lama, KL

When talking about Thai restaurant, there’s plenty of it and you can easily get one just across the street in PJ and KL. But when comes to Thai food, it is hard (not to say impossible) to find authentic yet delicious Thai food.

Soi 19
Located strategically between Old Klang Road and Kuchai Lama (next to Nova Gold Club), Soi 19 serves the very authentic Moo Kata and Jim Jom (Thai Barbeque and Steamboat) – just like what I had in Thailand. Apart from authentic Thai food, Soi 19, what makes Soi 19 so special??? – all the food served here are MSG FREE!!!! YES, MSG FREE!!!!!!!

Soi 19 is not a big and fancy restaurant, but a cozy and relaxing place for you to enjoy your authentic Thai food. The moment I first step into this restaurant, I really felt like “Where am I now? Thailand or Malaysia??”

First Up…….

Chilled Chang Beer [2 for RM30.00; 3 for RM43.90] – Thailand’s No.1 selling beer.

Moo Sam Chan Tod [RM8.90] – deep-fried pork belly.

Kor Moo Tod [RM8.90] – fired pork neck.

Cockles / Si Ham [RM16.90] – fresh and juicy cockles served with Thai sauce – a MUST TRY in Soi 19.

Moo Kata basically a combination of barbeque and steamboat. This Moo Kata – Pork + Chicken Set [RM43] consist of pork, sirloin, liver and chicken together with mix vege. To eat Moo Kata, first, you have to lather the pork lard provided to grease the metal skillet, and then you can start to grill the meats. NON-MSG soup is poured into the moat surrounding the skillet. 

Jim Jom is something like steamboat (dip and dunk). This Jim Jom – Pork Set [RM39] consist of sliced pork and sirloin together with mix vege. There’s 3 ways to eat Jim Jom in Soi 19 – the original flavor, blend with beer, or the combination of both beer and seafood. I personally like the original flavor – sweet and flavorful!!! You can try all 3 ways in one pot by requesting from the waitress / waiter and they will do it for you!!!

**P.S. – All food were created by the experienced chef and NON-MSG**

Overall Opinion:  I seriously didn’t expect much from the beginning, but the Thai food that they served surprisingly good!!! And the most important thing is that all food that served were NON-MSG. Apart from the food, I really like the design of the restaurant – cozy and stress free. So, if you’re looking for authentic and MSG FREE Thai food, look no further than Soi 19. In addition, I would like to take this golden opportunity to thank Foodilifecious and Simon (Owner of Soi 19) for having me!!!!!

Meet the Owner - Simon

Soi 19 is located at:
Address: No 21, Jalan 1A/114, Kuchai Busines Centre, 58200, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +6017-699 0889
Facebook: Click Here
Opening Hours: 5.00pm – 2.30am (Mon – Thurs)
                           5.00am – 3.00am (Fri – Sun)


  1. Gosh, look at the angry crab. Luckily I don't eat crab so it is not angry at me! I enjoyed my dinner at Soi 19 and didn't expect it to be as delicious as it was.

  2. wowww! bole i share dengan kawan2 chineese this location.Port paling baik ni!

  3. Looks so yummy! Will try this next time in kl

  4. Food look so good. Hard to believe food there is without MSG, so healthy.

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  6. Ala.... looks so yummy... Too bad I cannot try it out. You know I love to try out any restaurant that you suggested.

  7. Wow foods looks great and now am famished! Am craving for these leafy foods :)

  8. Their food looks so yummy and fresh!! I would want to try out too =D

  9. I like Thai cuisine a lot, all the foods look yummy, especially the Moo Kata, my favorite :)

  10. Thai foods are quite interesting and look so yummy!. Will definitely visit this Thai restaurant and try their foods.

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