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Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager's Launch Party: A Night Where Bold Met Playful

Imagine stepping into a world where classic Tiger gets a vibrant twist. That's exactly what happened at the epic launch party for Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager. 4,500 guests were whisked away on a night of electrifying discovery. A neon-lit tunnel served as the portal, transporting attendees into a space buzzing with playful energy. The air crackled with anticipation as guests got their first taste of the Gutsy Grape flavour. This wasn't just about sipping a new beer, it was an invitation to unleash your inner party animal. The "Twist Makeover" station was a playground for self-expression. Bold makeup and unexpected accessories helped attendees embody the playful spirit of the night. Feeling like a rockstar? Head to the Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager Bar for exclusive cocktails that blended the new brew with exotic omija berry and ginger flower. Delicious Asian snacks from MiX.Store kept the party fuelled for all the fun. The soundtrack of the night was a vibrant mix. Local