JB Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh @ Puchong

When talking about Bak Kut Teh, most of everyone here will say that Bak Kut Teh in Klang is the best. Indeed, I do agree with this statement, but I believe that you can also find best Bak Kut Teh besides Klang – JB, Kepong, Jalan Ipoh……

Today, I’m going to introduce all of you one of the famous Teow Chew sytle bak kut teh from Johor – JB Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh. Located in Bandar Puchong Jaya, now you can enjoy JB Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh without travelling all the way to Johor.

The restaurant is clean and comfortable for you to enjoy you bak kut teh here…

JB Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh comes in piping hot claypot, with loads of pork sitting in in a pool of clear herbal broth. The pork was tender and fresh whereby you can taste its natural sweetness taste.

Bak Kut Teh [RM15 – RM50] – you can always choose for your favorite parts to include in your bak kut teh – from spare ribs to loin silver skin, berry, pork liver, meat ball, pork stomach or even pork kidney.

Dry Bak Kut Tehmost of the dry bak kut teh uses tenderloin but JB Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh uses the mixture of Tenderloin and Loin Silver Skin (a piece of connective tissues, silver in color, that runs like a band along a portion of the tenderloin), giving you soft and chewy texture. 

I can never get by a meal of bak kut teh without any sides.

Salted Vegetable [RM4

Char Kuey [RM3

Tofu Puffs [RM4

Fried Onion with White Rice [RM1.50/small; RM2.00/big] – best combination to eat your bak kut teh. If you notice, there’s a chunk of fried onion sitting on top of the aromatic white rice – not something that you can get easily from other bak kut teh restaurant. *A must orders to pair with your delicious bak kut teh*

Asam Fish [RM32] – if you’re a fan of Asam Fish, you’re going to like this dish – the spiciness of chili with the sourness of tamarind is further enhanced by the juiciness of the fish and the crunchiness of the vegetables. Superb!!!!

Pork Feet Vinegar [RM16/small; RM27/big] – this pot of deep brown looking softly and succulent pig trotter is full of ginger aroma and really irresistibly good. 

Sesame Oil Chicken [RM14/small; RM22/big] – this sizzling pot of aromatic, tender and utterly mouthwatering chicken is best for fried onion rice. Highly recommended to try!!! **One of the crowd puller dish**

Vege Soup [RM10] – if you don’t like those commercial lettuces or vege to pair with your meal, you can opt for this vege soup. They’re using the bak kut teh soup as base but only replace with veges.

Bak Kut Teh Mee [RM6.80/small; RM10.50/big

Sesame Oil Chicken Mee [RM6.00/small; RM9.50/big

Onion Steam Tofu [RM8] – this simple but tasty uses oil, soy sauce and fried onion to bring out fresh bean taste of tofu. Simply delightfully light and healthy dish that you might want to order to neutralize your heavy tastebud.

Red Dates Tea – one of the best red dates tea that I’ve ever tasted. This “warming” tea helps to nourish the blood, builds up qi and strengthen the spleen and stomach. **Highly recommended**

Overall Opinion:  Honestly speaking, this is my 1st time trying Teow Chew style clear broth bak kut teh. I really love not only their bak kut teh but other dishes as well – superb. I would highly recommend those bak kut teh fans to try out this well-know yet still using traditional way - “Charcoal” way to cook their bak kut teh.  Last but not least, I would like to take this golden opportunity to thank Kiple and JB Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh for the great opportunity. **P.S. you can now download Kiple App from mobile app and get DISCOUNT from KIPLE**

JB Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh is located at:
Address: No 35, Jalan Kenari 12, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong.
Facebook: Click Here
Tel: +6017-334 6166
Opening Hours: Daily 9.30am – 9.30pm. (Closed on Tuesday)


  1. Seeing this making me hungry jor....


  2. I thought at first they only served bak kut teh, it's good that they have variety to choose from.

  3. The price is quite okay ler. Food looks good too. Will have a try if get to Puchong.

  4. No need go far away to Klang just for Bak Kut Teh. This teochew style look a bit different from the usual one.

  5. I have never tried any of these foods before but your descriptions were so great, I think I need to take a trip and try them out!

  6. These foods are really tempting and look so yummy. I would love to visit this JB Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh and try their foods there!

  7. Looks really, really delicious! I don't eat a lot of Bak Kut Teh but will make an exception for JB Ah Soon!

  8. Oh wow that signboard is really huge, will try this place next time if I pass by :)

  9. thats a huge bowl of bak kut teh!! Will tell my friends about this place.

  10. Oh looking it remind me my JB favourite bak kut Teh at kota Tinggi.

  11. Ohh i miss eating Bak Kut Teh. I dont know any reliable restaurant here that serve this meal. Thanks for your update and review!

  12. Teoh Chew style bakuteh? I never try before wei.
    Bring me along next time!


  13. I miss Bakuteh really much! Teoh Chew style looks so yummy and tasty to eat it! Shall visit and try it next time!


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