Purple Pasta @ Oasis Ara Damansara, PJ

Situated in a commercial area of Oasis Ara Damansara, Purple Pasta was being popularized for their RM5 pastas. For some reasons, I couldn’t bring myself there – branding. Branding is the most important thing to build the impression of that particular restaurant because first impression counts. Once the impression has been formed, it is hard to go around changing things.

Purple Pasta
When I first stepped into Purple Pasta, the overall ambiance and environment of this café was simple and cozy – timber flooring and vibrant blue comfortable cushioned seats, vibrant mix of grey, green and wooden table with steel chairs.

I couldn’t wait to dig into my dinner………..First up…………..
Homemade Cooler [RM10] – The chamomile tea paired very well with the homemade orange herbs syrup. If you’re looking for something different and refreshing, this would definitely please you. Iced Grape Juice [RM9] – One of the best and purest grape fruit juice that I’ve ever tried so far. The fresh grapes that is blended only upon ordering. (I’m wondering how many grapes were used!!!!)

Dirty Chai Latte [RM11] – I thought this cup of latte would taste weird (Dirty Chai Latte?????). Eventually, the outcome was pretty good although it’s the normal chai latte added with espresso.

Tri-Sugar Latte [RM11] – The name itself captured my attention. This latte actually consist of brown sugar, white sugar and Azulette sugar (from Germany and has a floral note - lavender). It may sounds sweet but trust me, the outcome was pretty good. *P.S. - Tri-Sugar Latte is not in their menu!!!!!!!!

Mushroom Soup [RM15] – This mushroom soup was great and we really enjoyed it. The cream, alfafa, parmesan sprinkles and popcorn (YES, you read it right!!!) turned out pretty legit.

Elegant Fish with Chips [RM18] – We were told that the Fish n’ Chips here are different and I’ve to admit that this is something special that you can’t get elsewhere. Taste wise, unique and delicious.

Chicken Chop with Cherry Sauce [RM20] – One of the heart-winning dish of the night. The cheery flavors were very well balanced and the mashed russet with truffle oil beneath were nicely done. You can opt for mushroom or cherry sauce but of course you’d go for the rarer cherry sauce!!! J

Fra Diavolo Mutton v2.0 [RM25] – One of the best dishes of the night. The al dente spaghetti was perfectly tossed with grape compote, tomatoes, cream and dark chocolate (YES, DARK CHOCOLATE!!!!!). Everyone went WOW and OMG on the first mouthful. Moreover, the mutton chunks were tender and flavorsome.

Authentic Carbonara [RM5] – Cream-less spaghetti with sprinkles of parmesan, oregano, alfafa and poached egg. You would definitely enjoy this huge portion and delicious 5 bucks pasta!!!!!

B.I.C Waffle [RM8] – Fluffy waffles topped with vanilla ice-cream, homemade butter scotch sauce and perfectly fried beef-bacon standing tall. You got to try this out and there’s only one word to describe – awesome!!!

Fried Purple Yam [RM12] – This felt like an interesting dish for a yam lover like me. But this dish let me down. I hardly can taste the yam as the taste of cinnamon stubbornly overpowered the deep fried yam and the vanilla ice-cream did not compliment tho.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10. I wasn’t expect much when I arrived that evening (as mentioned above). However, I started to expect more and with high hopes only when the first dish of my meal surprised me out – except the last dish (not something that I would recommend). I definitely will revisit with my other bunch of friends again and looking forward for the improvement and new and exciting menu.

Purple Pasta is located at:
Address: D-G-06, Block D, Oasis Square, No.2A,  Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Ara Damansara,  Petaling Jaya.
Phone: +603-7859 9998
Opening Hours: 12pm - 11pm Daily.


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